What is a Website?

A Website consists of one or more websites. A web page is a document composed of text, images, videos, music ..- hypermedia). A website is a way to present yourself or your company online, anytime, in any part of the world. With the site “like a shop window” you show everything that you consider important for your visitors, because it is important that they get the information they want in the easiest way.

The home page (home, home page….) Is the first page of your site, which appears when the site address is requested in the internet browser. The common homepage name of a website is index.htm, index.html, or index.asp. The web design of the front page should be unique, and the content should be purposefully written. All publicly available sites make up the World Wide Web (www).

Web sites are developed by the so-called web designers or webmasters. In order for your website to be well designed, you need to define its purpose – what do you want to achieve with your online presence? Once you determine the purpose, you need to collect the necessary material that will make up your website: text, images, music, video material… What the largest percentage of people want on your site are sections: “Home”, “About us”, “Services” , “Pictures”, “References”, “Contact”…

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